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I thought I'd have a sale on all my physical products for the weekend. After guys and gals deserve a good sale, and I don't know about you, but I LOVE Physical Products.

This sale will ONLY last through May 31st or while supplies last!

PLEASE NOTE: You will receive the Physical Products ONLY. Does NOT
include the digital download versions
(but then, you really don't need those).

Please allow 4 - 6 weeks for shipping (should be much less)

If you're not creating (and selling) image-based
products in some form, you're leaving a LOT of money on the table. And here's the thing...this type of product sells so well that I actually have people e-mail me and ask that I not tell anyone about their websites or their methods.
The cool part about Public Domain images is that there are millions... tens of millions...of photos, fine art and illustrations available for you to use. In "Easy Money Picture Project", I share over 90 websites (the best ones) where you can find and download Public Domain images. I also tell you everything I've learned about using Public Domain images from my 20+ years experience working in the printing and publishing industries.

If you want to sell Public Domain-based products on eBay or through your own website...or if you sell niche-specific products, you HAVE to consider Public Domain images as a resource!

Easy Money Picture Project NOW includes expanded chapters on making money with patents and using Public Domain images to create your own successful line of toys! You can learn more HERE. Make sure you order from THIS page!

ONLY $97 $67
(plus S/H)

I Want the Easy Money Picture Project, Print Edition!


I created this special Ultimate Edition of the Public Domain Survival Kit for my closest friends at a special gathering I hosted at my office a few weeks back. This CD contains a much expanded version of the original Survival Kit with a TON of terrific content on the Public Domain and a very special bonus that I cannot reveal. The CD includes:

  • Public Domain Cashflow
  • 42 Stealth Strategies
  • Product Creation Outline
  • The Report Factory
  • Power of the “N” Word
  • Ethics and the Public Domain
  • PD First-Aid Kit
  • Trademark Basics
  • Copyright Research Basics
  • Not Protected by Copyright
  • A Special Bonus

There are ONLY 15 of these CDs and when they're gone, they're gone...seriously. I will not be making more of these.

ONLY $97 $67
(plus S/H)

I Want the Public Domain Survival Kit, Ultimate Edition CD!


This was the first (and possibly the last) time I brain dumped my knowledge and experience on the Public Domain. Over the course of 2 days, and nearly four hours,
I answered question after question about finding and using Public Domain works to build your online and offline business. I even went step-by-step through the entire product creation process from market research to getting your product online. This is a complete Public Domain course! Learn More HERE. Make sure you order from THIS page!


  • Full printed transcripts
  • Product Creation Outline
  • Copyright Research Step-by-Step
  • MP3's of both teleseminars on disc
  • BONUS, Mark Hendricks LIVE...14 hours of incredible Q&As on all aspects of Internet Marketing

This is the PRINT edition of my Public Domain
Code Book
published by New York publisher, Morgan James Publishers. With a list price of $97, this book has only been available through Amazon and other online bookstores at prices ranging from $70 and higher.

For this SPECIAL SALE, I am offering 50 copies for only $47. First Come, First Serve!

To learn more about the Public Domain
Code Book

(Does Not Include Bonuses Offered on
the Code Book Website)

ONLY $97 $47
(plus S/H)

I Want the Public Domain Code Book, Print Edition!

This Home Study Course features twelve in-depth, foundational modules for starting and running an Information Product Business. (over 1,000 pages)

Presented in PDF form, the Modules include:

  • Getting Started Module
  • Internet Marketing Module
  • eBook Development and Marketing Module
  • Search Engine Optimization Module
  • eZine Development and Marketing Module
  • Developing Paid Membership Sites Module
  • Using Free Advertising Module
  • Master Affiliate Marketing Module
  • Resell Rights Module
  • Selling on eBay Module
  • Using Adsense Module
  • Offline Marketing Module

Bonus Modules Include:

  • Step By Step Product Launch Timetable
  • An Endless, Free Supply Of Customers
  • Top 15 Marketing FAQ

ONLY $97 $37
(plus S/H)

I Want the Media Expert
Home Study Course CD!

This powerful guide opens up the world of Public Domain Magazines like never before! Magazines have always been a great source for bite-sized information...that's why we buy them. But did you know that, out of the 200,000+ magazine titles that were released over the years prior to 1964, 99.4% of them NEVER renewed their copyright? That means that millions of magazines are now in the Public Domain on nearly ANY niche imaginable.

Public Domain Magazine Secrets reveals, step-by-step how to find these magazines, how to research their copyrights and more. The Magazine Master List offers a massive listing of over 6,000 magazines that were published pre-1964. Because you can't find what you don't know to look for, this list is invaluable! You can learn more about this vital package HERE. Make sure you order from THIS page!

This Printed Manual Includes:

  • Public Domain Magazine Secrets
  • The Magazine Master List
  • Periodical Copyright Research
  • Public Domain Cashflow

ONLY $97 $67
(plus S/H)

I Want the Public Domain Magazine Secrets Printed Manual!



The Public Domain Expert Video Series

In this 2-DVD Set, being released here for the first time, I teach a class of 50 students all the details, benefits and opportunities available with Public Domain works. You'll learn:

  • What the Public Domain is and what it isn't
  • Where to find Public Domain works online
  • Where to find Public Domain works offline
  • Product creation tips and ideas using Public Domain works
  • And much more!
  • Also includes interactive Q & A sections.

For a preview video clip, CLICK HERE

ONLY $97 $47
(plus S/H)

I Want the Public Domain Expert
2-DVD Video Series!


Purchase the Entire Package (everything on this page) and SAVE an Additional $99!!

This is the Ultimate Public Domain Training Course

Just $347

I Want It ALL


I'm a firm believer that it's MUCH easier to build on the expertise of others rather than start from scratch. Honestly, that's why PLR and Public Domain products are SO popular for marketers: They provide a starting point for creating products quickly and inexpensively. The same is true with graphics. Smart Marketers rely on experts to fill in the skills sets they are weak in rather than trying to learn or do everything themselves. I want YOUR websites to look amazing without you having to master a new skill or spend a small fortune. That's why I created:

Master Web Templates

Here's what each of these FOUR smoking, NEW Master Website Templates include: (compatible with both the PC and MAC operating systems)

  • Five different color schemes: I created USABLE color schemes that would work well in many different niches, unlike some web templates that look like they were create during a bad acid trip.
  • Modern 3D graphics: I love to design in layers to add depth and creativity to the professional "look" I'm after, so I included a lot of 3D glossy elements in each template.
  • Photoshop files: If you don't like the way something looks, or you want to use a color scheme I didn't choose, I've included my Photoshop PSD files so that you can edit, change and add to as needed.
  • Index and Download pages: I assembled ALL the templates and variations into their own index and download pages so that you have a place to begin with your own site design. These are the same types of templates I use personally for my own websites.

Find out ALL that is included on this disc HERE.
Make sure you order from THIS page!

ONLY $97 $47
(plus S/H)

I Want the Master Web
Templates CD!

The ONLY Way to Spend the Day...

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